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Why you need it?

The issue lies in the fact that towels, regardless of whether freshly laundered or left in the bathroom for a few days, can accumulate a significant amount of bacteria.

Regrettably, even with the use of detergents and hot water, the washing machine is incapable of completely eliminating these particles.


In addition to their convenience, Clean Towels can provide the following benefits:

  • A sanitary method for facial drying
  • Potential acne and irritation alleviation
  • A clean and effortless makeup removal option
  • An easy and hygienic way to remove face masks
  • A gentle approach to facial cleansing or cleanser removal
  • A straightforward, hygienic, and safe means for mothers to clean their infants and children


What are the dimensions of the Clean Towels?

The Clean Towels measure approximately 25cm x 30cm.

Are the Clean Towels reusable?

Yes, the Clean Towels are reusable. They maintain strength when wet, are durable for gentle wringing, and can be rinsed by hand. After drying, the fabric stays soft and pliable. Note: Avoid reusing them for skincare, and dispose of them after direct skin contact. For a quick tip, wipe excess water off your counter after using a Clean Towel!

How can disposable Clean Towels be sustainable?

Our Skn Clean Towels are 100% bio-based. We refrain from using additive chemicals or fabrics in their production.

About the fabric

Every version of Clean Towels is crafted entirely from 100% eucalyptus. The production process involves harvesting eucalyptus from sustainably managed plantations. Subsequently, this eucalyptus is transformed into chips, which undergo a thorough washing and cleaning process. These chips are then dissolved to create viscose, and subsequently passed through a spinneret, resulting in the creation of soft and fine cellulose fibers. These fibers are further stretched and pressed, ultimately shaping them into the form of Clean Towels. The final outcome is a facial towel that is exceptionally soft and possesses excellent absorbent qualities. Knowledge is power!

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